English to Pinyin Translation

The language of Chinese is much different from the language of English.  One of the foundational distinctions is the way in which each is written.  English employs a set of 26 symbols, known as letters to create words.  Chinese Mandarin used a huge dictionary full of characters which are small pictures with meaning.

The most commonly used transcription form of Chinese characters to English is called Pinyin.  Pinyin is a system of turning Mandarin Chinese characters into the more familiar Roman alphabet.

Translating English to Pinyin Benefits

English To Pinyin Translation

English To Pinyin Translation

Pinyin basically means “sounds that are spelled,” so whatever sound the original character makes, is the sound of the transcribed Pinyin.  The system is now recognized on the international scale for being the standard form.  There are many different sounds and tones within Chinese Mandarin, so knowing the basics of Pinyin is beneficial.

Pinyin can be of benefits to Chinese kids learning to read and study in China.  The form of transcription helps to obtain an accurate sense of pronunciation.

If you are a native English speaker and want to learn the correct pronunciation of Chinese, Pinyin can be very beneficial as well.  As native English speakers, it can be very difficult to fully read Chinese characters, with the correct accent and sound.  Reading the Pinyin translation first and then memorizing the character later can help with fluency.

If someone wants to learn Mandarin fast, but want to avoid characters, or the reading and writing part, Pinyin can make a big difference.  There is no need to memorize thousands of characters, but instead there is an opportunity to speak to people much quicker and more hassle free.

Drawbacks of English to Pinyin Translation

There are also a number of drawbacks and disadvantages to relying on Pinyin translation.  Chinese characters are the real form of the language, so despite the high meaning accuracy rate of Pinyin, it is not exact.

Another drawback is that one who uses Pinyin must actually learn the rules of Pinyin, like an entire new language.  The sounds can vary and with the accent marks, words can sounds quite different from the way they are spelled in English.  One must be mindful and memorize the allocated sounds and tones marked out.

One of the biggest disadvantages about English to Pinyin translation is the fact that there is a lot of Chinese culture and traditions that are associated with the formal characters.  Translating to characters instead of Pinyin keeps the original theories preserved and intact.

English to Pinyin Translating Resources

Sometimes it can also be necessary to obtain accurate professional translation of English to Pinyin or to characters as well.  Human translators that speak both languages is the best way to seek help.  There are multiple companies that offer English to Mandarin translation.  One of the most reputable services is One Hour Translation which specializes in fast transactions.

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